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thePatrick Photos
General Info
Misc Info
City:northern plains
State/Province:northern plains
Country:United States
Mass type:SSPX
About me
Headline:there's a pretty little thing waiting on the king
About me:I'm a convert from agnosticism but was raised protestant with three siblings. I'm going to name my first son after me, but the other kids' names are negotiable.

A good day: after a day of something physical like skiing or getting firewood, we come home and you serve us dinner, then we go on a walk and play around a little. When we get home I stir up the fire while you pour me a drink, then you sit in my lap and read to me while I sip whiskey and look at the fire, then we go to bed. For poetry I like Czeslaw Milozs or Robert Frost. I like the Lord of the Rings, but you can pick whatever you want.
Looking for:I want a girl who likes the above image and knows how to cook and read. I love long hair and obviously skirts and dresses. I'm willing to send the right girl to cooking school if necessary. I don't care about education but I believe in it.

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