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Feast of St. Pius X
09-03-09 06:31


Greetings in Christ,


On this the third day of September, the feast of Pope Saint Pius X, we celebrate the next big step for this website. In addition to surpassing 300 members, we are now able to convert this to a pay-website. While this may not sound too exciting, it actually benefits our members the most.


It takes a great deal of time and costs a lot of money to operate a website this large. Since getting married and losing my job, my wife has frequently asked me why I was spending so much time and money to operate a "free" website. I told her that once we reached 300 members that I would change it over to a pay-site, so she let me keep it going on that condition. In addition to keeping the website up, accepting payments means that we can expand our advertising to attract many more members. Finally, it has been difficult to keep spammers and non-Catholics from joining the website. By charging we can more easily filter out those who are not absolutely committed to finding their future spouse.


Read on below for more news and updates and, as usual, please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.


God bless, Andrew






In addition to upgrading our chatroom and instant messenger programs, we are also adding the ability for our members to write articles to be featured on our homepage. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to write about their experiences while single, or for general traditional Catholic topics. In addition to articles, we are also now featuring blog entries on our homepage. One of the most important functions of a singles website is the opportunity to meet many members of the opposite sex, and having blog entries on our homepage makes you more visible to 100's of people each week.





The good news is that our website will cost less than every other Catholic singles website we can find, and even better than that is the coupon we are giving existing members. While sites like Catholic Match charge around $300 per year, we will be charging less than $50, or about $4.17 per month. The coupon for exising members will be for $10 off of one year of membership (valid until September 15th, 2009), making the average price about $3.33 per month :-) This discount is only available for the next two weeks, so please take advantage of this offer.





As we get more members, I am receiving more questions about the dress code rules for posting photos. While a good general rule is not to post anything that your priest would object to, we have also put together some more specific guidelines for what is not allowed:


1. Tank tops or bathing suits.
2. Shorts, short skirts, cleavage, or midrifs for the ladies.
3. Men without shirts.

If you have comments or feedback, please let us know. We expect to add more items to this list over time as they come up.





As our site grows with new members and in popularity, we are starting to show up in the search engines when searching for terms like "SSPX" and "Catholic Singles". If you want a shortcut to reach our website, just type "SSPX" into Google or Yahoo and we will come up on the first page. If you use Bing, we are on the second page :-)

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