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Country:United States
Mass type:English (novus ordo)
About me
About me:I started looking for a wife when I was about 15 in 2003. I found no one and discovered at length how useless and avoidable online dating is. I found no Good Catholics in the colleges I attended, out of 15,000 and 47,000 students. I moved to China in 2009 and met my Filippino wife, courting and marrying in 7 months. We are now 1 year + and with child #1, and are so happy together. For 8 years, I found no one, and was trampled on by all the women I met. In the desolation, God did the impossible and found me a wife. I prayed a lot, especially the Rosary. My wife is a poor orphan, her mother a widow, they have a big Rosary devotion.
Looking for:I'm married now, I'm not looking for anyone.

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