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Some of our members
Author: melissap1170 10 February, 2014 General Topics 0 comments
Happy Valentine's Day Hello and welcome to all new members. Winter is going thru …Christmas season is over and Lent is... Read more
Author: melissap1170 28 November, 2013 Dating and Courtship 0 comments
Hello again and welcome to all new members!!!! Looks like from the news, there have been quite a blast of cold air, and people h... Read more
Author: melissap1170 8 March, 2010 Dating and Courtship 0 comments
  Courtship and Dating Dating nowadays is such a loose term and can mean different things depending on who you are talkin... Read more
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13 September, 2009

We are excited to announce the launch of Traditional Catholic Singles, our newest singles website!

3 September, 2009


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