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Author: melissap1170 29 July, 2010 Dating and Courtship 0 comments
FEAR   Some people are afraid of getting married for this or that reason. Some feel if divorce runs in their family, it w... Read more
Author: melissap1170 22 May, 2010 Dating and Courtship 0 comments
  FRIENSHIP FIRST When we see someone and there is an instant attraction, what should we do? That can depend on what sex ... Read more
Author: melissap1170 13 April, 2010 Dating and Courtship 0 comments
  COMMITTED TO DATING Have you ever known someone especially a married woman who was aware of her husband's affair but pu... Read more
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13 September, 2009

We are excited to announce the launch of Traditional Catholic Singles, our newest singles website!

3 September, 2009


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