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Country:United States
Mass type:FSSP or ICRSP (diocesan latin Mass)
About me
About me:
I think it is important I mention, right off, I have chronic fatigue. I had thought I would get it under control, (and with God's help, I still hope to), but as to this date it is only progressing. It is very debilitating. Any one who wishes to get to know me must be alriight with going at the pace my fatigue allows, which at this point is still ridiculously slow. Also, they would have to be a firm believer in miracles!! ;)

I firmly believe marriages are forever. Because of unfortunate circumstances outside my control, our "marriage" vows were invalid. I double checked with a few traditional canon lawyers who go by the old code, and they agreed. If you know Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea, he also counselled me. I felt you might be interested to know this, as today we know how often annulments are treated just as divorce, which I am firmly against. I was very saddened by the invalidity, and did all I could to make it sacramental, but my partner didn't want to cooperate. Unfortunately, he had been a seminarian, so I was very shocked and confused altogether. I can only give this to St. Joseph, and pray that a real lover of the dignity of marriage will be given the grace as St. Joseph was, to overlook doubtful appearances, once the truth is understood.
In case you were wondering, I entered "never married", because that is the most proper understanding of what a declaration of nullity is. It means there was no marriage.
I place all in the hands of Our Lady, under the protection of St. Joseph, Most Pure.
I am, of course, only interested in the traditional faith as passed on by the apostles. I have a great desire for true sanctity, which is a constant humiliation for me because I am so far from the mark. If God is so gracious as to bless me with a husband, I would love to model our family after the Holy Family of Nazareth. I would greatly appreciate a soul mate in this perilous century, lost in "diabolical confusion", where the truth is so often obscured. I firmly agree with St. Paul : "now this is religion acceptable to God, ... to keep oneself unspotted from the world". I believe our culture is embedded in error, therefore I believe we really need to completely immerse our family in a traditional Catholic culture. Many traditional Catholics today enjoy the same movies, music, dance, etc. of the world, but I am against this.
However, I LOVE beautiful music, traditional folk songs, good dance, good times, hearty laughter, elevated conversations, (especially centered on spirituality, the words and admonitions of Jesus), and deep love in the heart and sanctuary of the home, the "domestic church".

My favorite virtue, (probably because I lack it the most! :) ) is humility, as counselled by our Lord, and extolled by Our Lady. I feel strongly about THE TRUTH. This is really lost today, yet it was THE REASON Christ came into this world, and THE REASON HE WAS CRUCIFIED. I am consecrated to Our Lady, according to St. Louis de Montfort, but am a poor example of it.

I place my past, present, and future into the hands of Our Lady, under the protection of St. Joseph, Most Pure. I ask them to bless all who are on this site.
Looking for: I guess I answered this above. However, I greatly appreciate someone who "has no guile", who is very direct, simple, honest, and brave. One committed to the Truth (being Jesus Christ) above all else, AND LIVES IT in his daily action, no matter how small, so that it transforms everything about them; their speech, manner, thoughts; their way of life, how they spend their free time, etc. I would hope they have a good knowledge of themselves, and understand the interior life; that to achieve true sanctity, we must be aware of and regulating our every thought, feeling, and desire, "putting on the mind of Christ", having Him determine all our loves, desires, and aims... nay, more: dying completely to self, so Christ only lives in them!! (then they might be able to teach me how...!) Someone who can easily communicate their feelings and thoughts, and enjoys sharing them with another, and also loves to get to know their spouse on a deeper level; who believes spouses should desire each other's sanctity and be a support in attaining it. I would hope they would already be, or are willing to consecrate themselves entirely to Our Lady. I would hope they aspire after a contemplative way of life, within the context of a deeply loving family. One whose great desire for Truth, brings them to tenacious love, and perfect unity in Jesus, and desires this same deep and perfect unity with their wife, through, with, and in Jesus. Just as much as I love Truth, I love Love, which is seen in unity, for I see them not as separate entities, but as One; even God Himself. This is why I despise the superficial; love and truth are deep and should transform even our smallest actions into sacrifices for Jesus. Our faith should be seen in all we do. Of course, one whose primary purpose in marriage is to raise saints for heaven, and are open to all children God might send. I would hope they love children, and find them God's greatest blessing, and that it would be their great joy to train and educate them. "Suffer the little children to come unto Me", and "unless you become as a little child, you cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven". (I have already explained more specifically on how I would want to raise the family above.) But I fear I am prolonging this unnecessarily, as I am sure all on this site would agree with me. God bless you all!

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