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10 June, 201110 June, 2011 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

When they bought the property in Los Gatos and moved "up the hill" it was hard for some people to continue. Those were the days of Clara Le Valley who made the best cherry cheese cake in the world, and Fr. Daniels, the amazing South African priest who made the place a piece of heaven on earth. The choir was ethereal. The gourmet cook, Sylvia, married Mr. Quenville and  the establishment was firm. Is this writing too dramatic?

I've since heard that they may sell the place, oh God strengthen me. But we must carry on................

Here at the Carmel I live only a few miles away but only get there on Sunday. It is mostly retired people that get to daily Mass. There is no coffee hour afterwards...

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Well, I've been going to SSPX Masses since 1992 when I first met Fr. Tague at Our Lady of Perpetual help when it was located in Campbell, CA.

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