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24 December, 201024 December, 2010 2 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

It's kinda crazy getting ready for Christmas, but I just want to wish everyone here a very happy and holy Christmas Season and a Happy 2011 New Year.


12 December, 201012 December, 2010 0 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Hey there! Christmas is almost here and here's a song with some chords that you'd like. :) I was figuring it out with a book and found there were too many chords, so I decided to make it more simple to play for me… and then I thought, "Hey, I should share this!" So here you go. I'm playing it on guitar, so I have the capo on 7th fret. If you're playing it on the piano, the chords are pretty straightforward to transpose (if you can't transpose, message me the key you want it in, and I'll give you the chords).

Enjoy and hope you're all having a happy and holy Advent season. :)

"Here We Come A-Wassailing"

Here we come a-wassailing among the leaves so green.
C                          G                  Am          D7
Here we come a wandering so fair to be seen.

Love and joy come to you.

And to you, your wassailing too.
                                       Am              G              C
And God bless you and send you a happy new year.
                 G      E7     Am     D7    G
And God send you a happy new year.

2. We are not the daily beggars
That beg from door to door
But we are your neighbors
Whom you have seen before.

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8 December, 20108 December, 2010 3 comments Using this Site Using this Site

Did you know that you can chat here? Pretty awesome, huh? The steps on how to do it are below. You know, we should all get together and figure out a time where all of us are on this site and chat and stuff. Anyway, here's the steps:

1. On the tabs in the middle of the screen, click on "Chat." You'll automatically be in the "Lobby" chat room.
2. Off to the right column, you can see who is online.
3. To the bottom left, you can type in your message.
4. To the bottom right, you can see the other chat rooms. I don't know what they're for except for the "Friends" room. M = male, F = female; and it says how many of them are in the room. If you want to "enter" into that room, just double click on any one of them.
5. If you're bouncing around between rooms (and if you get to THAT point, it's a good thing. That means people are pretty active on this site.), just go to the top of the chat window and you'll see the various tabs of the rooms you're in.

The only catch, is that you can only see the people who entered the chat room, not necessarily the people online.

And if that's the case, then you can do the following:

1. On the tabs in the middle of the screen, click on "Members."
2. In the filters, make sure the "online only" is clicked.
3. For best results, don't choose just male or just female with a specific age. Just see who's there to begin with. Click the "Show" button.
4. Double click on the results to see their profile.
5. Click on the "Chat Now" link under the "Actions" window. A pop-up window will open.
6. Type your message in the bottom left corner of the pop-up window and wait for the other person to respond. If the person is no longer online, an automatic response will say, "So-and-so isn't in chat not, but your message will be delivered as soon as So-and-so is online." But if they are online, you will hear a little beeping sound when they respond.
7. I'm guessing, you can also upload music and video, with the links off to the right column that says "Music" and "Video."

Another way to chat, is the following:

1. At the top right corner of the screen, click on "My Presence." A pop-up window will open. (The pop-up window is a bit buggy, so I suggest going to the Members tab to double check who is really online.)
2. Click on the Online tab to see who's online.
3. Double click on the Dialog Bubbles icon to chat with the person you want to chat with. A pop-up window will open. (Now careful, it's still a bit buggy, so check the left column of this pop-up window to make sure you are about to chat with the right person. If you find you're not on the right one, do the following - it's a workaround: Click on someone else's Dialog Bubbles icon and see the left column to check if it's the profile you wanted.

A special thanks to Cecilia for asking how to chat in the first place, and to HockeyPlayer for being online at the time and gracious enough to be my guinea pig to figure out how this chat feature works.

3 December, 20103 December, 2010 4 comments Using this Site Using this Site

Ok, folks, I'm just wondering: How are people using this site? Do you find it helpful? How often do you interact with each other? Do you enjoy going on this site? Tell me your experience/feedback/comments in the ....... well, comments..... of this blog post.

Alright, it's only fair that I go first.

I added my profile over a year ago and didn't find much interaction with it. So I left it. However, with each new non-Catholic encounter I get, the more I find the need to direct my attention to only Traditional Catholics. I come to this site just about everyday now. I check to see if anyone answered the little message I sent them.

I'd like to see more interaction on this site. I think a social site is only as good as it's members being.....well, social. What if we had a webinar or something where we could at least add another dimention to the interaction: the human voice. That'd be cool. :)

What's your take?

3 December, 20103 December, 2010 0 comments Our Lady Our Lady

You know, I just realized today: Our Lady had a best friend. She had someone she could confide in. This like-minded someone struggled with her, was happy with her, and was a listening ear if she had some concerns or happy news to give. And his name was Joseph.

It makes sense. She's beyond a two-dimensional reality. She is human just like us. Sure, she is the perfect human but that didn't mean she didn't feel and have legitimate human needs. And one of those needs is companionship - a friend. We never hear about her "girlfriends" or her support group or the Saturday afternoon group of friends she might of had when she was a girl or when she was already a woman. But we DO hear about St. Joseph.

And then with The Visitation, we see her going out of her way to see her cousin. She was close to her family! She JUST found out that she's bearing the Son of God but that doesn't deter her virtue of fraternal charity. And in the end, God rewards her charity by giving her someone who knows about the good news. She had someone who she could fully express her holy sentiments about the subject. Think about it: if you were given such a wonderful grace from God, wouldn't you want to share it with your closest friends and family.... especially the ones who would understand?

But going back to St. Joseph, the best friend of Our Lady, they were a team in raising Our Lord from when he was born to when He became a man, and eventually when St. Joseph died. They struggled together. They traveled together. They both worked together in finding Him when He was not with them in Jerusalem. In the midst of opposition, she found a sympathetic face in the crowd. In the hidden joys of seeing Our Lord grow up and discovering His little mannerisms that only a mother could see, She had St. Joseph to share those moments. If she needed a second opinion, St. Joseph was there to give some insight. If she felt unsafe in her environment, she could always rely on St. Joseph to shield and protect her. He was her best friend.

I think the main reason why there wasn't much emphasis on the relationship between Our Lady and St. Joseph is because we are to see things from a supernatural point of view: Our Lord is the focus point and once He came on the scene, Our Lady's supernatural priority as the Mother of God was the focus of Her attention and our attention. St. Joseph was the quite support in the background, and his role as husband and best friend to Our Lady was more of a natural aspect of Our Lady's life. But that doesn't do anything directly towards Our Lord's mission on earth and our redemption. The New Testament isn't a novel. Each word and every detail was put there for our supernatural well-being, not as a page-turning story-book. And that's fine. It's understandable.

But it's just after thinking/meditating on it, I came to the realization of just one more thing why Our Lady is more than a two-dimentional reality: She had needs for companionship and God granted it to her by giving her St. Joseph. It's not to say that she could have still been happy if God left her as a hermit bearing the Son of God. But the point is that God DID give her a best friend. She had that natural need, but in the end, she was happy with whatever God decided to do with that need.

27 September, 200927 September, 2009 2 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

Hey there SSPX folks,

Just sending out a "howdie" to my fellow SSPX folk who took the courage and time to join this site and try it out.  If it worked for you, by all means, please share. I'd like to know.

This current state of the Church is - mildly put - "inconvenient" for a Traditional Catholic who is just trying to follow what Holy Mother Church has always taught through the centuries, and at the same time finding friends with common ground. I'm talking about both religious and secular common ground.

You have people out there who have been Traditional Catholic all their life and lived a life that fostered a Catholic environment. And then comes school. Or for some that did home schooling, then comes college. What do you do with that, right? You get to use your social skills - or LEARN social skills - and finally find people that understand you and like to hang out with you. You all thrive in that common area. But then there's religion. So you do your part in "restoring all things in Christ" and answer moral/ethical/religious questions the best way you know how. In the process, you lose a few friends along the way but then there are the ones that stick with you in the name of "modern ecuminism" (though they won't outright say it) and everyone will get along as long as we don't discuss the R-word.

And then you have the Traditional Catholics that came on board later. Maybe they came when they were adults or at least in their teens. They've been in the world for a little longer than the homeschooler, but they also want to live a life that is pleasing to Our Lord and Our Lady. But many-a-time they feel like an outsider in the parish because they can't really relate with their homeschooled counter-parts. There's a bit of small talk after Mass, but it doesn't really amount to much. They, too, have "secular" friends but their connection only extends to where religion only begins.

To both, praying grace before meals is almost a "show" infront of friends, going out is definitely a time to keep your guard to anything that is an occasion of sin, and the depth of conversations only reach the level of natural level.

And then there's dating. In the end, you find yourself dating someone in your circle of friends. If your social time is 85% with non-Catholics and 15% with Catholics, chances are, you're going to be telling your loved one about how Catholicism is THAT important to you and you can't bring yourself to have premaritial relations. The relationship is rather bitter-sweet.

What to do, what to do? Is it that hard to find Traditional Catholics? Till next time......

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