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28 February, 201128 February, 2011 1 comments Uncategorized Uncategorized

I was just wondering why many people don't put up pictures of themselves? Don't get me wrong as this does not have to be a vanity issue as you don't have to put up an entire airbrushed album.

In the real world of dating you generally have a good idea of what a person looks like. After all didn't God make us all different for a reason? One reason would be so that we can identify one another.

If we are looking for a potential spouse then one day we will find out what that person looks like so why not reveal ourselves now and remove some of the mystery?

Although what is within a person's heart and soul is most important, looks do play a large part of attraction so why not put up one or two nice photo's of yourself?

It is unfortunate that some of us have to resort to internet dating though remember we still do live in a real world that is tangible...I hope! Smile





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