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melissap1170's blog / Dating and Courtship / NO INTIMACY BEFORE MARRIAGE
1 September, 20101 September, 2010 0 comments Dating and Courtship Dating and Courtship



Well, this statement is the opposite of the modern world and lifestyle. Many people believe in waiting for love but jump right into intimacy. But that is not God's way as taught thru the Catholic Church. Couples considering marriage need to wait until marriage before "jumping into bed with each other." Other than Catholic teaching and guidelines, what other reasons should dating couples not be closely intimate?


Well, for one thing , sexual intimacy blinds us from seeing the real person, any defects will be overlooked. When in the dating period we should be looking for compatability and any concerns that we usually have prior to marriage. Is he right for me? Well, how can you decide that if your main preoccupation is making out? Just because you are intimate means does not you are going to be a good spouse to each other. The experience may feel great and it may produce a bond, but that is just what sex does. Sex is fun, but after that, there is a person to look at who has characterictics and habits you will be faced with. Do you know this person? Do you even like this person? Well, have you even talked to her and had discussions or worked on projects together? Maybe not, because you just have not spent enough time on that. Also, even if a person is good at being intimate does not mean he is good at keeping a marriage together.


To wait to share an intimate night with someone on the wedding night can be well worth the wait. If couples don't wait, then there certainly won't be much excitement on the " Big Day" as everything has been done, so they need to look for something else new. You deprive yourselves of anything really exciting and new just after the marriage vows. In another light, any wrong practice or bad habit does not help a healthy and happy marriage. Patience and willlingness for sacrifice for the better good as well as other virtues will help build a long lasting love, and I am sure that is what we all want in our lives. If people can't be patient and wait for marriage, then how can we expect people to wait to resist temptation after marriage?


Waiting to share each other until marriage with God's blessing will help start true and real intimacy. With God on our side, how can we go wrong? Love is truly patient,and love is kind. Waiting for marriage will strenghten our faithfulness and trust, will bring mutual respect for each other, and help us grow in true chastity in whatever state of life we are or will be in.


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