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Lenten Thoughts
12 April, 201112 April, 2011 0 comments Dating and Courtship Dating and Courtship


This period of the church concentrates on the Passion of Christ, His Death, and His subsequent Resurrection on Easter Sunday. During this time, we can gain so many special graces when we meditate on His Passion, pray on each of the fourteen Stations of the Cross, and offer daily sacrifices for the conversion of sinners. Many eat only one meal of meat daily with Fridays no meat. Others can fast with no eating between meals. The big days of fast and abstinence in the Catholic Church are Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Anyone can fast, but those most encouraged are those between the ages of seven and sixty-five.


St. Theresa says, " I wish to suffer everything that my Beloved wishes. I wish to allow Him to do with His little ball whatever He desires." Also ," I am no afraid to suffer for you." She further states that nothing is too great to suffer in order to win the palm of eternal life. So we should try to carry our daily cross, offer up little crosses and tribulations for our sins and the conversion of others who don't know the way to Him. According to one passage in the book of Hebrew : Let us run with persevereance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesu,s the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who for the sake of the joy that was set before him endured the cross, disregarding its shame.


Lent is composed of forty days. That is approximate six and one half weeks, not including Sundays. It is such an important time in the liturgical year. This is the time when our Lord procures heaven for us by paying the debt owed to omnnipotent God for original sin. Have you watched the movie The Passion? I think it is very good to watch during this time of year, and it helps us think about what Christ went thru during His Passion, including how the devil tempts Him and how the disciples abandoned Him. I think it shows how God truly loved us.


God truly showed how He loved us as He willingly died on the Cross for us, the ultimate sacrifice of His love. Envision the Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross; she says nothing but looks at Him sorrowful, but knowing that He is doing the will of the Father and praying for all of us, her children. Let us never forget what she does for us, continually pleading for us before God. Let us also consider why we were created, to love and serve God , and be happy with Him someday, in heaven.

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