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melissap1170's blog / Dating and Courtship / June 2013 Engagements
June 2013 Engagements
21 June, 201321 June, 2013 1 comments Dating and Courtship Dating and Courtship


June 2013

Hello and welcome to all, especially to new members! I am pleased to announce another success story on our website with their permission. This couple met on sspx singles and were pleased to inform me they are planning to get married. Here is a part of a letter I received from one of them. I was so excited and would like to pass this onto all of you. They are not the first , of course, not not all wish to have their story told.  I remember approving Bernadette\'s profile not too long ago, and now it has a great ending. ..well, actually it is just the beginning for them .

Ok, here is part of her note to me..

Yes, I am still really surprised that I have actually met my husband-to-be through a dating website!  I know it is so much more common now, but I must confess that I felt a bit hesitant about the whole idea when I first submitted my profile.   We started corresponding in October 2012, he proposed the end of January, and we are planning a September wedding.  He is really special!  I am so fortunate to have met him!
I have decided to enclose a photo of us...and yes, please feel free to use us as a \'success story\' if you like. I
am engaged to a wonderful man (who I met through the website)!

I hope this story encourages other people on here.

Good luck and God bless!

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