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Holy Week
28 March, 201328 March, 2013 0 comments General Topics General Topics

Holy Week

Greeting to all. Well It has arrived! Holy week is here and Easter is in just a couple of days. :) Hope your Lent went well. It usually seems so long; but with work and all, it actually went by pretty fast.

This past month, the Catholic church has a new Pope ...Pope Francis, which to me, he seems very open and reachable to the people, which is  a nice change. We all need to pray for the Holy Father ....why not during this Lenten season?

Have any of you seen The Passion movie by Mel Gibson ? I have watched  it on the big screen and I must say it is a good program to bring to light what sufferings Jesus went thru for all of us. I realize this is "Hollywood", but it does make us think and hopefully help  our meditation, when  we go thru the passion of Jesus or when we recite the stations of the cross.

I came across a new book out there, that I highly recommend to all of you... It is called The Price To Pay. It is about a Muslin who converted to Catholicism and what he had to go thru for the faith. His name is Joseph Fadelle .On the cover, there is a line from St. Matthew 10:39, where he says,"He who loses his life for My sake will find it." That is so true! I realize we have it so  easy here, with the mass available and all( and no great persecution); and usually the doors to the church swing open to accept souls thirsting for the truth. What price would you pay for your beliefs? This man was imprisoned and shot, left for dead; his wife didn't know if he was alive and some family treated him very poorly.I believe you can get this book on Amazon, and if you go to the Langeley chapel in British Columbia, they also sell it in the bookstore.

Happy Holy Week!
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