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ThreeDogg Photos
Yeah, that\'s me trying to look clever.
General Info
Misc Info
City:Oklahoma City
Country:United States
Mass type:SSPX
About me
Headline:Well, hello there!
About me:Never married. No kids, yet. I've been attending Queen of Angels and St. Michael's in OKC for the last 4 years after moving to OK from Cleveland, Ohio.

I won't bother with the cliche rundown of generic personal traits such as, how I love moody walks on the beach and watching a movie with a glass of wine...sheez. You'll have to discover what makes me tick for yourself.

However, I will say that I'm a bit of a thrill seeker. Outside of my day job in television, I work as a reserve police officer for an OKC suburb, I like to jump out of airplanes and compete in deathmatch peaknuckle (I must be good, because I'm still alive!). Perhaps that makes me one big cliche? Well then, never mind what I said before! :shock:

Just an update: In the interest of full disclosure, I'm seriously considering the monastic vocation, so that's probably going to be a major put-off for most of the ladies around here!
Looking for:I'm looking for someone who has a clear understanding of what Tradition means and its importance not only in the Church but its application towards a relationship and ultimately a marriage that will be pleasing to God. "Cafeteria Catholics" need not apply. I'm not too picky about age, but someone between 25 and 35 is ideal. Cheers!

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