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Headline:Pax Et Bonum!
About me:I'm a positive guy born and raised in the south of Sweden. I have one brother. I would say that I am a believer in chivalry, that is I have morals, I am honest, always a gentleman, a faithful friend and God willing a future good husband and father. Physically I am not Brad Pitt but not an ogre either. I live alone and would wery much like to meet a catholic soulmate, which is easier said than done considering that not many catholics live in Sweden. Don't be fooled: religious does not mean boring, and I love to read, go to the movies, go out on weekends, travel, go to the beach, walks in the woods, sports, romantic dinners, hang out with my friends and just generally have a great time as long as it is within moral limits. I love to travel, especially to Spain where I learnt the language. I am not only catholic nominally. I belive in God and His Church and try my best to live according to His law and the laws of the holy mother Church. God is and His Church is number 1 in my book. I'm a cradle catholic and discovered Tradition through some frinds in the mid 90's. We have spriests (SSPX) coming over from England to administer the sacraments once a month.

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