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24 December, 2010 Uncategorized 2 comments
It's kinda crazy getting ready for Christmas, but I just want to wish everyone here a very happy and holy Christmas Season and a... Read more
12 December, 2010 Uncategorized 0 comments
Hey there! Christmas is almost here and here's a song with some chords that you'd like. :) I was figuring it out with a book and... Read more
8 December, 2010 Using this Site 3 comments
Did you know that you can chat here? Pretty awesome, huh? The steps on how to do it are below. You know, we should all get toget... Read more
3 December, 2010 Using this Site 4 comments
Ok, folks, I'm just wondering: How are people using this site? Do you find it helpful? How often do you interact with each other... Read more
3 December, 2010 Our Lady 0 comments
You know, I just realized today: Our Lady had a best friend. She had someone she could confide in. This like-minded someone stru... Read more
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Country:United States
Mass type:SSPX
About me
Headline:Another Trad-Cath in the free world
About me:Living in Seattle as an SEO/online marketer. I'm mainly artzy as a musician (vocals, guitar, banjo, and a little bit of other stuff), and kinda geeky in pro audio and SEO. I recycle, like to exercise regularly and eat a lot of vegetables/tofu. I'm kinda a coffee/tea person, too. Temperment-wise, I'm kinda Melancholic/Sanguine/phlegmatic. I'm working on reading more, meditating more often, and strengthening my spiritual life.
Looking for:Well it looks like in this place you can get to know fellow Traditional Catholics in general, and I like that. In this Crisis, we need each other to not only pray but support each other, esp when we have our own battles to do our part in restoring all things in Christ.

But when it comes to finding a husband, I'm looking for someone who
- Takes his Traditional Catholicism seriously but also isn't archaic for the sake of something being old
- Will help me through life and help me get to heaven
- Doesn't mind me helping them, too :)
- Is meek, understanding, truthful, loyal, honest, good-natured
- Has a passion for something in his own life, in his own way
- Has his financial situation in order and knows what he wants to do with his life
- Is devoted to Our Lady and prays his Rosary everyday

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