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Headline:Searching God
About me:Hi, my name is Louis-Marie, I am 22 and I have just finished my studies. I am now an engineer in telecommunications and mobile networks and I currently search a job near Paris.
Although I received the minimal catholic education, my family and my relatives have never been very devoted and most of them are not used to think so much about God in their lives. For example we go to the mass only a few times per year. Until recently I didn't think too much about my religion either.
But things have changed because I am at a turn in my life. I feel there is a lot of sense in the Catholic Tradition and I want to know more and sort of come back to God. I also want to meet people and to make new friends ^^.
Oh, I almost forgot, I like Japanese culture, particularly their food and their mangas and animes :D !
Hope to talk with you all soon!

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