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My friend & I!
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Country:United States
Mass type:Independent
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About me:Looks like it's about time to update this...

Me, myself, & I... quite an entertaining character if I may say so myself (And I may because it's me I'm talking about)! I am what some may call a "simple soul," & by that I don't mean that I am mentally challenged. Simply put, I enjoy the little things in life, particularly, those activities that allow me to soak in the beauty around me. Hiking & camping would most definitely be in the forefront of my list, but that's not to deduct from the other wonderful activities of enjoying a cup of tea on the porch with my Nana, spending time with one of my 22 neblings (nieces & nephews), dancing frantically at random moments, or even just enjoying a good ol' brew at the Irish pub with some friends. Life really is a beautiful thing & I enjoy being able to enjoy it.
With that being said I also choose to uphold the strong sense of morals that have been instilled to me through my Catholic faith. I have been raised with Tradition & plan on dying with it. Without a doubt, it is one of the greatest gifts that God granted me in this life.
Looking for:Someone who shares the same Traditional mindset. Someone who is family oriented & outdoor friendly. Someone who knows who they are & has an idea of what they want!

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