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Country:United States
Mass type:SSPX
About me
About me:I'm not presently looking. Thank you. I live and grew up in a rural area near Linden- a small farm community-- and am an electrician by trade. I am somewhat reserved but can be quite outgoing with people I know and would say I definitely prefer small groups over crowds. I would consider myself to be easy going and to have a good sense of humor. Having grown up with three sisters with whom I got along very well I would also argue that for a fellow I understand feminine nature pretty well. I like to get out and do things, especially outdoors, but I don't mind staying around home. I am also an avid reader, enjoy music though I don't play any, and appreciate theater and opera. I love my family and would like to raise one of my own in a rural setting. I take my faith very seriously and am quite involved with our parish.
Looking for:I am looking for a helpmate, friend, and spouse who will help me progress towards sanctity and for whom I can do the same. She should have a deep love for the Church and her primary concern should be her sanctification and the accomplishment of God's will. It is important to me that she have a respect for her femininity and dress modestly as a true lady. I am not interested in someone who wants a career first and a family second but rather in one who desires to be a true homemaker and sees being a good Catholic mother and wife as the real feminine calling and career. She should be affectionate, supportive, generous, love children....all the qualities of a good wife and mother. Independent in caring for the household but who wants to be cared for and treated as a lady. The Valiant Woman comes to mind.... As my temperament is a good part melancholic a certain liveliness and joy in life wouldn't hurt either! A good sense of humor--the ability to laugh and also take a joke--is important also. I come from a rural background so someone with a similar background or the desire to live in a rural area is a plus. Age would not be set in stone but between 22 and 28 would be about right.

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