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Annie Photos
General Info
Misc Info
City:Isle of Skye
Country:United Kingdom
Mass type:SSPX
About me
Headline:Looking for Life
About me:Coming to the end of a 24 year marriage. Have prayed, and tried to hang on in there, for the past seven years or more. I know an anulment would likely be granted if I moved in that direction because in this marriage I was only allowed to have one child. We'll see what happens, but for now I have accepted that the end is nigh. This is really hard for me because I've already had one marriage anulled. The reason being, I suspect, is that both men were Aspie's, but I didn't realise this at all during my first marriage and only latterly in my second. My interpretation of Sacramental Marriage is very different to that of an Aspie's.(no offence to Aspie's, it's just their agenda is different to NTs). I believe in mutual spiritual nurture, mutual exploration of the others unique spirit and mutual exploration in The Way, The Truth and The Life. If you feel the same then please get in touch. At this stage I can only be your friend, but if you feel this way then I need 'you' as a friend.
Looking for:I am looking for a devout man to be a friend. Regarding the future of that relationship......let God's Will be done.

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